How to Choose a Singing Bowl


Maybe you have used a singing bowl and have just fallen in love with it, and are now considering to purchase a couple of singing bowls and start studying or utilizing yourself. All types of individuals are turning into their healing abilities and learning how to use the singing bowls nowadays. Different singing bowls are different regarding the occasion that you are holding. You should remember that the singing bowls being manufactured nowadays may seem old but in a real sense, they are not. They do not possess tones, history, metals as well as the spiritual inheritance of the olden instruments that genuinely made them seem unique and special. Selecting a super singing bowl needs one to pay attention to the following factors. Do consider working with SSI for these.

The first thing to consider is the quality. Learn more about the sound and look of a singing bowl by inquiring from an individual who knows. Several individuals sell singing bowls, and most are modern and machine-made to seem old. Due to this aspect, most people will not have the know-how of differentiating an antique and excellent reproduction. The fact that a person sells a singing bowl does not translate that the individual is knowledgeable. It takes time and experience to know a good and bad singing bowl. A genuinely good singing bowl can be at least 100 years old. There are several factors to look out for in a bowl when determining its age including its shape, thickness of the metal, the markings that are situated at the inside and out, as well as the tone.

Additionally, not all old singing bowls are good bowls. Vibration, warmth, tone, longevity, as well as the harmonics of sound, should be put into consideration. Some of the singing bowls possess consciousness transformation as their primary intention, while others possess physical healing. Their shape often identifies this.  You can learn more over at

Another factor to consider is the tone of the bowl. It is essential for the singing bowl to hold its linger and vibration for a few a couple of seconds when struck. Also, it should emit several layers of tones, overtones, as well as overlaying harmonics. A singing bowl may not be of high quality if the volume and vibration of the bowl flutter away rapidly. Additionally, if it possesses a singular tone or sounds tinny, it is also of substandard quality. It is recommended to strike the bowl with a padded portion of a stick rather than suede or wood to emit a soft, expansive sound.